West Coast Turnarounds: Limited Edition Package

West Coast Turnarounds: Limited Edition Package

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I'm an EP in a bottle, baby.  Calimino is proud to introduce JK's new EP 'West Coast Turnarounds' in this LIMITED EDITION DELUXE Package.  Only 50 in stock.  Contents include a fashionable 8GB USB (complete with the EP in high-fi audio and mp3 formats, Digital Booklet, Album Artwork, Introduction + Music Video) Art Insert/Lyric Slip, topped off with a cotton ball for safety and freshness.

USB comes in your choice of Rad Red, Blues Brother, or Ozzy Onyx.

Designed by Calimino in California, Washington, and Georgia

USB Color:
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I haven't bought a CD in over a year.  Used to buy 2 each month.  And I miss those days. 
That was my thinking with my latest batch of tunes.  CDs are dead.  Ideas are not.

I can now say I've seen pretty much every type of medicine bottle and USB there is.  And might I add, you can't find an 8GB USB on the market for less than we're selling ours!

It was a blast making this music.  A pain in the ass packaging it.  A joy all around.  

Hope you dig it.  And give yourself a healthy dose!  -JK 6/16