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Traverse a sonic phenomenon, on an intrepid adventure through a resounding tranquility. 

There’s never been a collection quite like it, until now.  Tweed. The new album by John Krueger is now streaming from a satellite above you. -C. Rodgers

Hi. I’m proud to introduce you to my new album. Her name is Tweed and she is very, very pretty. She sounds even prettier on 180gram vinyl (available March 29th). I really hope you enjoy.

Tweed was recorded in Atlanta, GA over a span of 4 years with some of my best friends who also happen to play instruments. -JK

Artwork by Matt Veal & Julia Tillery

Special Thanks

Tomei, Joe & Em, PB, Michstar, Z, Reen, Jack’s On, Wilson clan, Ash, Amo, Ter-ber, Rowboat, E-lamb, Atty, Issac J, &-drew, Gunny, Zo-e, My Walking Buddy, Linduh, WheatBrad, Kendra O-H, Mat(t), Meag, Lil’Gen, B-ri, Gus, Laura-Liz, Canada, Lu, Steve-o, E-rock, LRen, Where’s Waldo, Yvonne, Sum, Tre, Liza, Dylz, Lizabeth, Beran Residence, Con-Rad’s, Ronster, Kelz, Shaggy, Lindz, Peppers, Julz, MarshalArts, Mac, Beltzy, Ry, Drea, Shawwwn, Jon, Jar, Ducci’s, Acostaz, Rachel aka Stevie Nicks, WillBe, Chane-mane, Lem, D-love, Manda, Heartbreaker, Jr., Beth, Coco, ET, No. 9, Brady Bunch, Tianahh, Timmy, JJ,  Rach, Eth, Firminator, Yusuf, Yendel, Nigel, Pettyjohn, Thad, Finding Cory, Hinsons, A-aron, O, Marsh, LL, Wesley crew, Waterz, Sherm, Adrian, Shanks, Tobius, my dog Nilsson, my cat Rufus, oh yeah and Mama & Pops.  

This album is dedicated to my late uncle and roll model, Scott Krueger.